About Simply Bookkeeping – Your Local Bookkeeper

michele-hydeAfter many years of retail bookkeeping experience I realized the need existed for a different kind of bookkeeper, Simply Bookkeeping is designed to meet this need.

All businesses small, medium or large require a bookkeeper, the question is full time part time or a little of both.

Larger businesses have a greater need for full time bookkeepers, whereas small to medium companies can function with a full time employee that can do books or a part time dedicated bookkeeper like Simply Bookkeeping.

If you need a bookkeeper for a few hours a day, a week , a month or just quarterly for tax purposes, Simply Bookkeeping is for you.

Sure you can do it yourself, modern software like Quickbooks makes it easy. But it still takes time, time you could be spending doing what you do best, Running Your Business.

Simply Bookkeeping uses Quickbooks exclusively. If you need someone to accurately and efficiently enter and track your financial data, Simply Bookkeeping is for you.

We will also guide you on Quickbooks so that you can have instant access to all your important financial information. You will always know how your business is doing.

Need an Accountant? We work closely with several firms that we can recommend.
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