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If you’ve been following along our thread of posts about the most common types of business organization and the advantages and disadvantages of each, hopefully you have an idea of which type of business structure is right for you. In this post we describe the steps you...

This post continues our six-part series about starting a new business in Ontario.  In the previous posts, we have described the different types of business structure and the advantages and disadvantages of setting up an unincorporated sole proprietorship and partnershi...

Starting a business involves many difficult but important choices, one of which is the type of business structure.  As we presented in our last blog post, there are a number of business structures you can choose from, including an unincorporated sole proprietorship, an...

It’s a busy time of year, folks!  In case you didn’t already know, today is the last day that you can contribute to your 2013 RRSP’s.  The April 30 deadline for filing your personal taxes will follow quickly, so make sure that’s on your calendar, too.  But if you’re an...